🍂 Breezy summer evenings call for a stroll around the neighbourhood. The familiar alleys studded with gulmohars, the akka by the corner with her huge basket of mallika poo, and rows of glass bangles in every colour imaginable.

You walk on, taking in the many sights, mesmerised by the myriad of colours, delighted by the old-charm of this city called MADRAS- rooted in culture and brimming with joy.

மெட்ராஸ் Madras

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Of roses; pinks and yellows
Of love and friendship
And everything in between.

Of a garden filled with flowers,
Wild, free and o, so beautiful.

Gulabi by Tree

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Homegrown | Hand crafted | Slow Fashion


Rangeela - The 1980's were all about making a statement, which meant going big or going home. Vibrant colours were symbolic of a new mood and season of burgeoning hope across the world. Let's bring back the loudness of the 1980's, in style.

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Ever since I remember, I have seen my mother nibble on rose petals.

She says it's a habit born out of the need to feel connected to her beautiful garden.

The morning dew, the withered rose petals, and the joy it brings.

Roja by Tree 🌹

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Summer Blues

Classics are full of charm and grace. On a long summer afternoon, it adds a comfort to match your summer energy.

Silhouettes and textiles to match the 'Summer Blues

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TREEJM's Dear Friend Dress is a high-quality, handwoven cotton dress that will keep you comfortable and stylish all day. Crafted with 100% cotton, the breathable fabric will keep you cool in any season. This timeless dress is perfect for any occasion.

Dear Friend

Dear Friend, You deserve a bouquet of the prettiest flowers out there; hand-picked and arranged clumsily with a string fashioned off an odd weed. And I will smile wide, as you go through each of them, talking about the books you read and the tales you weave.

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Nila, Just like the river. Cooling, soothing, In motion. Always. Nila, Living, breathing, In spaces. Everywhere. Nila, Fresh, beautiful, Timeless. Nila, Just like the river.

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Kaathal Black Dress


Kaathal - O, Kaathal. How beautiful you make the little things in life. The core of existence. A multitude of emotions. The daily dose of happiness. Here and hereafter. Kaathal, back to the very 'being' in everything we do.

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Rabari embroidery is one such labour of love by the amazing women of Kutch.
Used and adored since ages.

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Featuring Kerala Kasavu weaved by the weavers of Chendamangalam

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Out of the many rich craft traditions of India - a coveted one is Tangaliya . Practiced only in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat ,it’s a specialised technique of putting the designs in knots on the warp yarn.

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